Designed for women

We all know that women like to do things together and our experiences have that 100% in mind.

We’ll offer a mix of hands-on activities, meeting local artisans in their homes and places of work, and opportunities to visit special places most visitors don’t have access to.

You and your new like-minded girlfriends will experience wonderful French moments together. Shopping the food and flea markets, sitting in outdoor cafes, taking in historic surroundings, visiting the latest art exhibit, and discovering local craftspeople. And you’ll roll up your mutual sleeves for art classes, cooking experiences and even a yoga session, if you desire.

Laughter and good cheer are probably the highest on the agenda with lively meals taken together. And nights will be slept sweetly in comfortable, characterful accommodation, with a choice of private or shared rooms.

Everything has been designed for the happiness of our female friends and to create memories of authentic, unique experiences enjoyed with enthusiastic travelling companions.

Join us in 2020...

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