Frequently Asked Questions

How many people do you take on your trips?

We refer to our trips as “small group, immersive tours”. One of our definitions of “immersion”, among others, is having the space and peace to truly enjoy the experiences we have organized. So, our groups are a minimum of 10 guests and no more than 14. Better hurry if you want one of them!

Why are the trips quoted in US dollars and can we pay in another currency?

Our tours are quoted in US Dollars and payment is also taken in this base currency, as part of the banking structure of our parent company, France Media. If you wish to calculate the tour prices in your own home currency, you use this link.

What does your price represent?

Our price is quoted per person, based on either private or double occupancy. The choice of taking your own room or sharing with a friend or family member is up to you. Our private rooms tend to sell out very quickly, so do reserve soon if you wish one of these.

Are solo travellers welcome on your trips?

Absolutely! And we don’t ask for a Single Supplement like other travel companies. Many of our guests enjoy private, single occupancy rooms, and the price is clearly spelled out in our tour descriptions. Of course, if you want to share a room, but don’t have a companion in mind, we can try to do that leg work for you by matching you with a fellow female traveller for double occupancy.

How do I reserve and pay for a trip?

We make the process very easy. Once you express your wish to block a place on a trip, we will send you our Terms & Conditions, along with a Client Profile Form to fill out and submit. At that time, we ask for a $500 non-refundable deposit per person to reserve your space. The balance of the trip payment is due 90 days prior to departure. You’re all set. Bon voyage!

How active are the tours and what sort of fitness level should I have?

Our tours are culturally oriented, at a relaxed pace, in contrast to some companies who offer sporty cycling or walking vacations. However, as most French villages have cobbled streets and many of them may be hilly, we do suggest sturdy shoes and good mobility. We also might spend time visiting a farm or vineyard, where the terrain is likely to be rocky and uneven. Sometimes, we might have to walk into a village from an outside boulevard, if group transportation is prevented from driving into the tight streets. This could be up to 10 minutes. If any of these situations trouble you, our tours are probably not for you.

Do you cater for vegetarians?

Yes, we can definitely request vegetarian options wherever we dine. There is amazing produce in France and most regional chefs will showcase the local products in season. We also enjoy delicious fresh fruits and salads on our picnics and in the farmers markets. Sometimes, however, in the heart of the countryside, the menus can be very meat oriented, so choices might be limited. Certain regions also showcase their local meat and fish specialities such as duck or fish stew. As long as you don’t mind being surrounded by people eating such main courses, we will definitely find you something delicious and vegetarian to savour! Vegan diets, however, are not something we can guarantee.

Are the tours in English or in French? What if I want to practice my French?

All of our activities and tours are presented in English and you will be accompanied by an English speaking Tour Director. Many of our Francophile guests do like to try their hand at speaking French and this naturally comes their way over the course of the trip. There are plenty of opportunities in the farmers markets, when meeting artisans and local business owners, even a town official! As they say in French, “il faut être courageux”! And we will do our best to encourage you, if this is your wish.

Are your tours just for women?

Over the years, we’ve come to learn that women seek opportunities to travel with other women. In addition to a secure, like-minded environment, they often can share passions and enthusiasm for experiences not enjoyed to the same degree by their better halves. The trips we propose are indeed specialist tours designed to appeal to female travellers. Of course, we are legally open to all, but do consider if our included activities and feminine spirit match your expectations, before making reservations.

How do the group arrival and departure transfers work?

On our website, we provide you with the meeting point for each tour.  This will normally be a local city centre, train station or nearby airport.  After reservation, we will also state a time window in which you can plan your travel and arrival to the meeting point.  If you’d like to be part of the included group transfers to our accommodation, please respect these hours.  If not, you will be responsible for your own transfer to the accommodation.  If this is the case, we will always do our best to help with the arrangements, but the transfer will be at your own cost.

What can I expect from our accommodation?

First and foremost, we choose special places with lots of character and comfort.  We consider your “home away from home” on our trips as a place to relax, socialize and also to sleep well.  All are independently owned and run by families.  Depending on the destination, we may rent a countryside manor house or we might choose a small bed & breakfast in a local village.  We try to take over the accommodation for a private group experience, as much as possible, so that you can truly feel at “home”.  As we are not in hotels, this means there will be friendly service, but no concierge.  There will be light housekeeping and a wonderful breakfast provided, of course.  And as a private residence might be your “home” for the week, you will be asked to be respectful of the property too.  Lastly, sometimes your accommodation will include a shared bathroom for up to 2 people and we will let you know that.  Not all homes have “ensuite” bathrooms in each bedroom.  We do take your comfort very seriously, especially as a cosy nest means you will enjoy the experiences on hand, rather than being distracted by less than acceptable accommodation.

What is the pace of the week and how much free time will I have?

We try to strike the right balance of time off and relaxation with all the immersive activities we have planned.  Normally, there will be at least one free morning and a free hours in the afternoons (always the last day to allow for packing and enjoying your own moments).  We also plan a free night in the middle of the week, when you may order food in or take a taxi to restaurant (with our help).  When we have a reasonable stretch of time at our accommodation, we do offer optional activities at your cost such as massage therapists, yoga, bike rentals etc.

What are the meals like?

Breakfasts are catered in, with a variety of freshly baked French pastries, fruit and various proteins (yogurts, cheese, ham, etc).  Lunches vary from picnics, to simple cafés, to a meal prepared in a cooking class.  You will have one or two lunches on your own when we are touring a town for example.  Dinners are chosen to reflect the region and we emphasise family owned establishments.  When we have been touring all day, we also like to stay home and have a chef come cook for us.  Lastly, we try to plan a celebratory meal at the end of the week where you might dress up and enjoy fine dining.  This may or may not be a Michelin starred restaurant.  Either way, you will eat well with us in France!!


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