Meet the Team

We’re an enthusiastic team of Brits and Americans with a deep love of France. We want to share that passion with you – our mission is to create for you a truly memorable experience discovering a magical region of France. We will do our utmost to answer all of your questions, share all necessary information and give you the personal attention you deserve before, during and after your trip with us.

France Today Travels is part of France Media Ltd, an established and financially strong UK limited company. We have all the necessary travel and liability insurances in place and comply with European legislation for tour operators.

Jennifer Dugdale

With a tourism career spanning the US, UK and Europe, Jennifer directs France Today Travels and tells us it is her dream job! Having lived in France for more than a decade, she is passionate about all things French. She loves to uncover the hidden experiences that make travelling to France so special and accompanies as many of our groups as possible. Come along and she might just tell you about her favorite restaurant in the whole of France, where her family has made many memories… in fact, don’t get her started on that topic!

Guy Hibbert

Guy first travelled in France aged 17, hitchhiking 1500 miles from Calais down to the Pyrénées and then over to the Cote d’Azur. The unbelievable hospitality shown by the French people en route and the incredible destinations discovered made an impact that lasted a lifetime. With a professional background in publishing and events it was inevitable that one day he would look to blend his passion for France together with his entrepreneurial streak. Although he has spent decades travelling or living in France Guy says he can’t quite believe how much more of the country is still out there to be explored!

Ben Stephens

Ben is our idea man! His passion lies in helping new projects bubble to the surface and then actually making them happen. Having spent over a decade working at France Media Group, predominantly in the publishing arm of France Today, FrenchEntrée & Bonjour Paris, Ben has enjoyed creating a natural extension of our pages with our own tour business . He says, “we help our devoted readers share some of my most wonderful experiences in France.” He ought to know;  ever the romantic, he proposed to his wife in the City of Lights, overlooking the Arc de Triomphe. “La vie est belle”…

Dan Mead

Dan is France Today Travels marketing guru and is passionate about sharing our amazing trips. He’s well qualified for the role, with a background in leisure marketing for tourism clients, and he’s managed to do a fair bit of travelling himself across Asia, Australia and the Americas. However, his feet are now firmly in the UK where he looks after our website and manages marketing campaigns.

Malisa Kelly

The digital marketing junior in the team, Malisa supports Dan as his assistant and offers up her own ideas when inspiration sparks. She also runs the Facebook and Instagram profiles; she ensures that the content you see will have you feeling FOMO (Fear of Missing Out!). Her business administration background has proven useful when she presents detailed reports or strategies that are also savvy to look at. Malisa is not unfamiliar to France thanks to her grandparents who lived in Montcaret and her Father in Dijon, her must-do recommends are canoeing and getting yourself involved in night markets which involve food, dancing and wine.

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